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12 Basic Tools Every Chelsea Tenant Needs

A Closeup Image of Different Tools on a Blue BackgroundAs a Chelsea renter, you’re doubtlessly aware that some house projects are best left to professionals or Chelsea property managers, while others can be taken on by yourself. When it comes to home repairs and improvements, keep in mind that you should avoid doing anything that could damage the property or introduce permanent changes. But there are several additional jobs, both big and small, that require a basic toolkit. Therefore, having a set of 12 important tools in your collection is a good idea if you’re a renter.

  1. Hammer. You might be surprised at how many applications a good quality hammer has! You’ll need a hammer in your collection whether you’re hanging pictures, putting furniture together, or finishing a variety of other little projects.
  2. Screwdriver set. Another must-have item for any tenant is a good screwdriver set. At some point, every home’s screws will need to be tightened or removed and replaced. Choose a screwdriver set with both Phillips heads and flat tips in a variety of sizes.
  3. Cordless drill/driver. Any renter should have a cordless drill/driver on hand. It also functions as a screwdriver and can be used to drill holes for hanging pictures or shelves. Choose a cordless drill that meets your demands and budget by looking at the features and price points available.
  4. Drill bit set. Obviously, no drill or driver will be entirely functioning without a nice set of drill bits. Get a drill bit set that includes metal and wood bits in a variety of sizes.
  5. Stud finder. A stud finder is an absolute must if you plan on hanging any pictures or shelving. This gadget will aid in the identification of wooden studs in your walls so that you can drill into them without causing damage to any wiring. It can also help you keep your security deposit by reducing the number of holes you make in your walls.
  6. Level. When hanging pictures or shelves, a level is a useful tool. This tool will assist you in ensuring that everything is precisely straight before hanging it.
  7. Tape measure. A measuring tape is a need for any tenant. Furniture, windows, curtains, and blinds may all be measured with this tool.
  8. Allen wrench set. A small but necessary toolbox item is an Allen wrench set. These wrenches are often used to assemble furniture, but they can also be utilized for a variety of other jobs. Some wrench sets include a multi-tool, which can help you conserve space and organize your toolbox!
  9. Pliers. A decent pair of pliers is always useful, especially when gripping or twisting something. Pliers are necessary for any home, from twisting off frozen water hoses to replacing damaged light bulbs.
  10. Utility knife. A utility knife can be used for a variety of tasks, including opening goods and dismantling cardboard boxes, as well as cutting carpets. To be safe, get a utility knife with a retractable blade.
  11. Glue gun. Any tenant will benefit from having a glue gun on hand. A glue gun can be used for a variety of tasks, including fixing furniture and flower arrangements as well as making home design items. Just be careful and follow the manufacturer’s directions when using it.
  12. Flashlight or small utility light. When dealing with power outages or other emergencies, a small flashlight or utility light is just what you need. It’s also useful for performing basic maintenance and repairs around the house when you need to see clearly.

With these essential tools in your toolkit, you will be able to handle the majority of minor repairs and maintenance work around your rental property. Remember to only perform tasks that you are competent at and avoid making permanent changes or causing damage to the rented property. If you have any queries or concerns, it’s best to contact your landlord.

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