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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

The Key to Managing Short-Term and Vacation Rentals

Family Arriving at their Vacation Rental Being the proprietor of short-term rental properties and vacation rentals is, in and of itself, a business venture. Both need to be planned and executed well in order for it to see success. Birmingham investors seem to be under the impression that short-term rental or vacation property is an easy means of passive income. Despite that, short-term and vacation rentals are actually often even more hands-on than long-term rental homes. Frequent changes in tenants mean you will have to oversee your short-term or vacation rentals properly.

There are fundamental differences in the management of short-term or vacation rental and other long-term rentals. But rather than being different tasks, managing short-term and vacation rentals simply requires more: more marketing (and more often), more tenant screening, and more cleaning and preparing the rental property for the next tenant.

If short-term rentals or vacation property is what you intend to manage, making it a point that you work towards obtaining excellent organizational skills, and a steady workflow of entertaining several tenant inquiries. If such is the case, a few key roles need to be filled before you make any major decisions about renting out your rental property.

Unless your residence is close and you are able to professionally clean your rental property yourself, consider hiring a house cleaning service. A reliable housekeeper will help you make sure that all the necessary preparations for your property are made for every guest. This person can help you identify potential problems early and address them before they become expensive repairs.

A good handyman will come in handy too, especially when you start encountering repair issues. This person will have to live close to your property and can swiftly respond to guest complaints and maintenance issues. If your short-term rental or vacation property has a pool or spa, you will need someone to keep it clean and to regulate the chemical levels.

In order to ensure a job well done, go ahead and hire one person or different individuals, if necessary. The key to good maintenance is consistency. Besides, tenants will leave poor reviews if the property condition is not ideal, which can make it harder to rent your property in the future.

Additionally, you will need to take into consideration the details of marketing to tenants, aside from caring for the property itself, so that you can get on their radar. A successful short-term or vacation rental begins with effective advertising. Get the word out by listing your property on a website or app platform that specializes in marketing properties such as yours. And, if it’s possible, get a website up and running for your rental properties. Setting up a website for a vacation home, in particular, is inexpensive and very effective. In order to be efficient and effective, include lots of photos on your website, as well as a fact sheet about your property. Provide as much information as you can so that you save yourself the time and effort of having to provide details for every single inquiry. You can also allow your guests to view availability, request reservations, and to pay their rent and deposits online. Not only does this make things more comfortable for your tenants, but it also shows that you have things managed and organized.

Nevertheless, good communication is the best medium for expressing trust and transparency. As the property owner, you will need to respond quickly and effectively to inquiries, tenant complaints, and more. If other matters restrict you from being available at a moment’s notice, a good option may be to hire a property management company to handle your tenant relations for you.

The right Birmingham property manager can offer a high level of professionalism and customer service that might be difficult to find elsewhere. Hiring one would make your life so much easier. Short-term and vacation rental tenants need their space and privacy, but they also want to have a good time. Anything you can do to help them feel satisfied with their stay in your rental house can help keep your properties fully leased month after month, year after year.

If you’re looking for professional property management, you’re looking at it. Real Property Management Victory has a team of Birmingham property management experts ready to serve you. From filling vacancies to handling maintenance, we work hard so that you can enjoy. Contact us online or call us at 205-793-0700 today.

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